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Our Business Principles

These are key principles that N.A.P. Service and Trading

Co.,ltd uses to guide our business practices

- Attention to detail to ensure the best possible result

  for our clients.

- A commitment to keep to the promises we give to

  our clients.

- To always be punctual as not to impact the clients'

  working schedule.

- Meticulous planning to ensure the best possible service

  at the lowest cost.

- To constantly develop and seek out the latest

  technologies for our clients.

- To have a service mind and cater to the needs of all types of businesses.

- To always maintain the highest level of service.

N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd is continuously improving our services in order to best assist

our clients in their endeavors. The benefits you will receive from our services are

- Reduction in management and personnel cost.

- Eliminate the need to deal with unforeseen challenges such as staff not turning up.

- A strict operational process to ensure the highest level of safety for the staff and members of

  public as well as the client's property. N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd will carryout an inquiry

  for any mishaps that may occur and will provide compensation for any damages caused by us.

- Use high quality chemical products that are approved by reputable institutions.

- Recipient of the internal standard ISO 9001:2008 certification, we have several quality assurance

  procedures as well as constant monitoring of the quality of service all throughout the project.

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   Our Business Principles


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