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Company History

The 3 founding members have more than 15 years of experience in the cleaning service industry

prior to combining their knowledge and expertise to form N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd.

Initially the company was based in a small shophouse situated in Soi Uruphong with only 3 staff

members and only servicing 1 client.

The commitment of the company to give the best service possible to its clients resulted in the

rapid expansion of  N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd, with this rapid expansion the small single

shophouse was no longer adequate for the increasing number of staff and personnel therefore in

987 the company decided to move its offices to the current location on Pattanakan Road.

Since then there has been a continuous expansion of the headquarter with several new buildings

being erected. Including new offices for the maintenance department, warehouses to store

equipment and chemicals as well as to support the increasing number of personnel and clients.

As time went by a new generation of directors got involved in the business to further modernize

N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd. With information technology being incorporated into the working

process and used to make the company more recognized throughout Thailand. Long term plans for

the future were also set out that builds upon the strong foundation created by the 3 founders.

At present N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd has more than 8,000 full-time employees and is

trusted by more than 1,000 governmental agencies, state enterprises and leading private firms

and has an internal standard ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The company's meticulous planning, attention to detail from management, constant technological

innovations, ongoing personnel development and training, and commitment and integrity in the

continuous improvement of our service are the reasons NAP, a Thai owned company, is able to

remain among one of the leading cleaning service solution providers alongside other international

firms for more than 37 years.

N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd or as more widely

known as NAP, is one of the leading full service

cleaning solution provider in Thailand. The company

was founded on the purpose to support the smooth

operation of all types of organizations, increasing its

operational efficiency and reducing personnel costs.

The name of the company came from the names of

the 3 founding members.

N   from Mrs. Nongluck Sankarat

A   from Mrs. Archara Chenyavanij

P   from Mrs. Puangkeaw Mesanthasuvarn

   Company History

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