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Post Construction Cleaning

The clean-up of a newly constructed compound is best handled by professionals. The dust and

chemicals leftover from the construction process, especially the small particle dust from motor,

concrete, steel and wood fragments are extremely difficult to eliminate and can remain

suspended in the atmosphere for a long time. These contaminates can pose a long-term health

risk to those within causing many different types of health problems. Special equipment and

expert cleaning personnel are required to properly eliminate these contaminates. Other hard to

access areas will also be in need of cleaning after construction works such as elevated ceilings,

ventilation ducts as well as stains that could be left on floors, walls, carpets or drapes.

The details of our services are as follows

- Assesses each job site to plan the optimum and most

  efficient cleaning process.

- Eliminate small particle dust with specialized equipment.

- Carryout cleaning on every part of the compound

  including hard to

  access areas such as elevated ceilings, ventilation ducts

  and glass facades.

- Remove any stains that could be left over from

  construction on floors, walls, carpets and drapes.

- Thoroughly inspect and prepare the compound for use.

Other extra services to assist in setting up the space such as portersor merchandise stockers.

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