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Carpet & Stone Flooring Restorations

The condition of the flooring within a building is extremely important to its aesthetic. There is a wide variety of flooring materials in the modern era but most offices prefer to use either stones, both natural and artificial, or different types of carpets. Stone floorings are easy to clean but its luster and hue may fade as time passes. Carpets are harder to maintain and has a shorter lifespan, it is often a place where dust and particles will collect. Nevertheless, both types of floorings can be kept in pristine condition by the experts at N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd.

We have the latest equipment for cosmetic restorations, eliminating unwanted odors and sanitizing carpets for the better health and wellbeing of residents within the building. We also have highly experienced experts within our team with thorough knowledge of how to best use each equipment for the best result for our clients.

The details of our services are as follows

-     Using the latest technologies and methodologies to sanitize all

  types of carpets, such as using bonnet buffing, rotary shampooing,

  static attraction system and deep cleaning system depending on

  the type and condition of each carpet.

- Eliminate unwanted odors and sanitizing the carpet as well as

  getting rid of all collected dust to improve the health and wellbeing

  for those within the building.

- Restore the luster and hue as well as extend the lifespan for all

  types of natural and artificial stone floorings using the Crystallisation

  method. With special equipment and chemicals, the Calcium

  Carbonate mineral embedded deep within the stones causing it to

  lose its shine is converted to the highly glossy Calcium Fluoride and highly robust Magnesium Fluoride.

- Advise clients on the best daily maintenance routines for their floorings so they can achieve better results.

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