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Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

The equipment and cleaning products used play an integral part in maintaining buildings and compounds in their best condition. N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd uses only high quality equipment and cleaning products with international certifications for standard and safety.

In some cases, business and office owners may decide to undertake the maintenance tasks of their premises themselves. The main problem we often encounter when we go in to perform large scale annual cleanings is the use of substandard equipment and cleaning products as well as cleaning personnel who lack proper cleaning experience. On occasion chemical products that are harmful to humans was also found to have been used. This often result in the cleaning process leaving stains, marks and other damages that are either hard to remedy or in some cases permanent.  

As a result N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd has become the official dealer of many types of high quality equipment and cleaning products each with international certifications for standard and safety. We also give advice and consultation to our clients on how to best utilize the products to achieve optimum results.

The types of products that we have for sale are as follows

- Products for the daily cleaning of floorings and other surfaces.

- Products to preserve and maintain flooring condition.

- Floor shining and waxing products.

- Products for dust removal.

- Glass cleaning products.

- Cleaning and sanitization products for the restroom.

- Dishwashing liquids and kitchen cleaners.

- Other miscellaneous products.

- Cleaning equipment for all types of cleaning.

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