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High Rise Glass Facade Cleaning

The cleaning of glass facades for high rise building as well as other high elevation surfaces both on the interior and exterior, such as building signages and elevated ceilings, are tasks that requires a high level of experience and knowledge. These tasks pose a high risk to both the operator and the public if not done properly. Careful planning and the use of the latest equipment along with highly experienced personnel are therefore extremely important factors that cannot be overlooked.

Our team of high rise glass facade cleaning experts have more than

35 years of experience and are given continuous close training directly

from the equipment manufacturers. These trainings comprise

equipment such as Spiderman suits for abseiling, Bosun Chairs, pully

systems, cranes, mobile lifts and other personal safetyequipment worn

by our staff such as harnesses and carabiners.

N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd has tremendous regards for the safety

and property of all our clients as well as our staff, therefore we only

select the highest quality equipment with international safety standard


The details of our services are as follows

-     Carryout cleaning of glass facades, building signages and elevated ceilings using the best equipment for maximum

  efficiency and safety for each project and location, whether that be by abseiling, using cranes, scaffoldings or other


- Prepare and carryout safety checks of all equipment before every operation as well as on a regular basis when not in

  use. N.A.P. Service and Trading Co.,ltd has a special department dedicated to the maintenance of every single piece of

  equipment to ensure its best operating conditions.

- Carryout inspection of the building's condition and surrounding areas on the day of the operation.

- Coordinate with an experienced project manager who is able to handle any unforeseen emergencies.

- Lay out warning signs informing residents of the building as well as the public that maintenance work is in progress


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